General Announcement:

We want to announce that after being in the piling business for 28 years, Mid America Foundation has closed its piling division. Mid-America Foundation Supply d/b/a Poseidon Barge will continue fabricating, selling and leasing the Poseidon Sectional Barges.

We would like to thank our customers, vendors and business associates for working alongside of us to enable us to give excellent customer service in the piling industry all these years. “THANK YOU” to everyone that has served directly or indirectly in the MAFCO division over the years!!!

We look forward to your continued support of Mid America Foundation Supply d/b/a Poseidon Barge. You can find more information about Poseidon Barge at


Tes Sanderlin, Vice President
Mid-America Foundation Supply, Inc.
DBA: Poseidon Barge Corporation

Phone: 888-893-7453